Saturday, November 6, 2010

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NIA Projects Future U.S. Food Prices

NIA projects that at the average U.S. grocery store it will soon cost $11.43 for one ear of corn, $23.05 for a 24 oz loaf of wheat bread, $62.21 for a 32 oz package of Domino Granulated Sugar, $24.31 for a 32 fl oz container of soy milk, $77.71 for a 11.30 oz container of Folgers Classic Roast Coffee, $45.71 for a 64 fl oz container of Minute Maid Orange Juice, and $15.50 for a Hershey's Milk Chocolate 1.55 oz candy bar. NIA also projects that by the end of this decade, a plain white men's cotton t-shirt at Wal-Mart will cost $55.57.

he National Inflation Association today announced
projections for future U.S. food prices
based after this week’s announced $600 billion
in quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve announced this week that it will be
expanding its balance sheet by $75 billion per month until
the end of June 2011, for total quantitative easing of $600
billion. Quantitative easing is nothing more than inflation
and when the Federal Reserve creates inflation, it steals
from the purchasing power of the incomes and savings of all
Inflation does not create jobs. Inflation merely causes
prices of goods and services to rise and makes it more expensive
for American families to support themselves. While
years ago it was possible for a father to support an entire
family of four or five on one income; today, both parents
need to work and they also need to get deeply into debt just
to make ends meet. With all of our society’s technological
advances of recent years, Americans’ cost of living should
be declining, but it has instead been spiraling out of control
due to the Federal Reserve’s destructive monetary policies.

A new weapon developed by Russia

Game Changing Weapon!

Missle Container System

Club-K Container Missile System is designated for hitting surface and land targets by 3М-54ТE, 3М-54ТE1 and 3М-14ТE cruise missiles.
Club-K Missile System can be installed on coastal positions, surface ships and vessels of different classes, railway and automobile platforms.
Club-K Missile System is housed in 40-feet standard marine container.
Functionally Club-K Missile System consists of Universal Launching Module (ULM), Combat Management Module (CMM) and Energy-Supply and Life-Support Module (ES&LSM).

The launcher with 4 missiles is housed in the Universal Launching Module. The ULM is designed for preparation and missile start-off from transport-launching containers.

Combat Management Module provides:
every day servicing and scheduled missile control;
receiving of target detection and commands to open fire
combat support computation;
pre-launch preparation;
launch mission defining and cruise missile launching.

CMM and ES&LSM can be constructively arranged and made in the form of separate standard marine containers.

- Capability of usage from any land and sea platforms
- Efficiency of delivery and installation on carrier or coastal positions
- Hitting of surface and land targets
- Ability to increase the number of ammunition loads

Hello again!

Its been almost a year since my last post. I had thought I had given up on this blog. I couldn't tell if anyone was interested and reading it or not. Perhaps I simply haven't learned all I need to know to run a blog but I am going to try again. On top of all that I got married again this past year and have been kept busy in our new relationship. If time permits I will continue to post news stories, photos and videos that I think are relevant to the times I believe we are living in.