Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Norway spiral - Russia accepts blame even though Norway may have been responsible ! !


In other words, Russia was NOT responsible for the spiral effect ... the responsible party was actually NORWAY !!!

So in summary, I hope that i have put forward a reasonable case to show that the prevalent Russian failed missile scenario could NOT possibly have generated the observed spiral effect.
I have shown that the alleged exhaust plume attributed to the missile launch could NOT possibly be seen 800 kms away in Tromso, Norway.
I have shown that the spiral effect was in all actuality a very low altitude atmospheric phenomenon and attributing it to a malfunctioning missile crossing Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian airspace is extremely implausible.
I have shown that the exhaust plume rather than being located 800kms distant, was most likely less than 20 kms from the majority of the reported sighting.
I have shown that an alternative, and more likely, candidate is in fact the EISCAT ionospheric facility located approximately 15kms from the photos taken at Tromso Havn and fits in extremely well with the visual evidence.

This would also explain the uncharacteristic silence from the Norwegian government regarding the encroachment of their sovereign territory and airspace by a malfunctioning Russian missile.

Except for one detail, everything seems to fall into place reasonably well as an explanation of how the events of 9 December transpired.

The one remaining detail that is unclear is why the Russian government would accept blame and take responsibility for the spiral effect that they couldn't possibly have caused ... but irrespective, I'm sure that there IS a reason !!

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