Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is a video of Hal Lindsay talking at a prophecy conference. Talking about an ex Russian KGB analyst, Igor Panarin, that has been predicting the United States will fall in 2010 due to moral crisis and economic collapse! The video talks about this guy explaining that the U.S. will be split into four regions taken over by various countries.

Update : I just found this article not even looking for this but found it too mentioned the man above. The title to this article is "Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?"

Now we are to be watching out for another civil war?

"Russian Military Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin that US President Barack Obama has issued an order to his Northern Command's (USNORTHCOM) top leader, US Air Force General Gene Renuart, to 'begin immediately' increasing his military forces to 1 million troops by January 30, 2010, in what these reports warn is an expected outbreak of civil war within the United States before the end of winter.


"The Times story goes on to say that there are "over 220 million American people armed to the teeth and ready to explode."
The Times article concludes by saying, "Though the coming civil war in the United States is being virtually ignored by their propaganda media, the same cannot be said of Russia, where leading Russian political analyst, Professor Igor Panarin has long warned that the economic turmoil in the United States has confirmed his long-held view that the US is heading for collapse."

See what I mean about plenty of news to report?! 

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