Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A beginning...

I wanted to do something like this some time ago but I kept putting it off. I feel like I can no longer do that. Even if this blog only ends up becoming a journal to myself and no one else reads it, so be it. Hopefully that will not be the case and it will at least be read and thought about what is posted here.

Up until somewhat recently I would share various news stories with friends and families through email. I stopped doing that because I was getting discouraged from little if any response from anyone about them. My reason for sharing them was because of the spiritual gifts that God has given me and to warn and open some eyes to the direction the world and our country is headed. Wouldn't you want to warn those you care about and keep them from harm if you knew they were in danger? If your small child was about to run out into a busy street wouldn't you stop them from harm? If you came upon someone in a stream, pool or some body of water and they were drowning, wouldn't you try to seek help or try and save them yourself if it was in your power to do so? Or would you just walk away in either case and pretend not to notice and say 'its not my problem"?

That is how I see my faith. If I keep it to myself and not warn others I see in danger of what is coming then how could I consider myself to be loving? I can't. Its not come without a high cost but I still can't keep my mouth shut. Its simply the nature that God puts into us once we come to him by repentance and faith through His son, Jesus Christ and become truly born-again as the bible puts it.

Anyhow, I don't want to make my first post too lengthy. I will be posting news links and stories among other things as they come up or happen. I should have done this long ago but now will have to do. I thought to myself would this be a wise thing to start considering my current financial situation and lack of job? We shall see....

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