Monday, November 23, 2009

The New World Order, Verichip and the Microchip Agenda

This is a very long but eye opening article. NWO = New World Order

Unfortunately, the people who have been misleadingly labelled “conspiracy theorists” for the last few decades as a reflex action response to their warnings about the upcoming “New World Order” were right. Even Fox News had a momentarily lapse of purpose and admitted as much [1], as the politicians and technocrats openly use the phrase “New World Order” [2]. George “Poppy” Bush kicked off the new trend on September 11th. No not that one, September 11th 1990 [3]. And again in 1991, [4] 10 years to the day before the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and 50 years to the day after construction on the Pentagon began, coincidentally – if you believe in that kind of thing. [5]

Nowadays it's being used so regularly and so brazenly that one has to question the sanity of people who still refuse to believe that an unprecedented global system of control - or new world order – has been planned for us all.

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