Saturday, November 21, 2009

Calls rise for new global currency

Every where you turn, this headline is being reiterated over and over again. Why is this going on? Partly because this whole economic collapse that we have been under has been orchestrated to happen. The U.S. is being blamed but its merely the one chosen to bring it to pass. Our dollar has been the world reserve currency for many years and it is slowly being replaced. Eventually very soon its just going to be DUMPED outright. That is part of the reason every time you turn around our prices are going up, simply because the dollar is falling in value on the world markets. Personally I think it will be the EURO or something that will replace it for this purpose.

"Calls rise for new global currency!"

Update! 5:15pm CST 11-21-09  Here are two more links I found today to add to this post :

UN wants new global currency to replace dollar 


Meet the 'father of world currency' and his plan to destroy the US Dollar 

 Just found a video that says all the same things I've said here :

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